Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning and Academic Programs)


The Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning and Academic Programs) oversees the processes by which new academic programs are introduced, current programs are modified or discontinued, and professional academic programs are assessed by accreditation agencies.  Because academic program changes often require the approval of Manitoba Education and Training, as well as the Senate and the Board of Governors, Deans and Directors should contact the Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning and Academic Programs) as soon as program modifications are under serious consideration


David Collins, M.S. (Minnesota), PhD (Minnesota), was appointed as Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning and Academic Programs) in July, 2010. He was initially recruited to the University of Manitoba as Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1999, and subsequently reappointed for a second term in 2004.

Dr. Collins received his Pharmacy education in his native New Zealand, and after ten years as a practitioner, principally in hospital practice, returned to graduate studies. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota in 1990, working with Theodor Litman (School of Public Health, and Faculty of Sociology) in the Department of Graduate Studies in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. His research interests include the influence of human behaviour on the delivery of pharmaceutical and related health care services, measurement issues in social and behavioural research, and health outcomes evaluation. Prior to joining the University of Manitoba, he held academic and clinical appointments at the University of Otago, and the Otago Regional Hospital Board, NZ; and at the University of Queensland where he served as Head of the School of Pharmacy, and the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Queensland, Australia. Dr. Collins has an extensive background in pharmacy both as a practitioner and educator. Prior to entering the academy, he served as Director of Pharmacy at the Wellington Hospital, NZ. Following his move to Australia, he was appointed to The Pharmacy Registration Board of Queensland (1993-1997), and served on the Academic Advisory Board of the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice (1992-1996). He also served as a member of the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association Council until his appointment as Vice-Provost, and was made an Honorary Member in 2009.



Dr. David Collins
Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning and Academic Programs)