Finance Initiatives


Monthly Reporting Initiative
Upgrade FAST Reporting to version 3.6 which will provide enhancements to report design and budget maintenance.

E-procurement (EPIC) Initiative
Moving to “e-procurement,” which will realize administrative cost savings through the automation of purchasing and payment processes such as purchase requisitions, approvals, order tracking and receiving. 


Research Accounting Initiative


The goal of the research accounting initiative is to improve how research funding is administered at the University of Manitoba by:

  • Ensuring that financial information provided to researchers, sponsoring agencies and other stakeholders is as accurate, timely and useful as possible.
  • Enhancing the awareness and understanding of university and agency policies, which should lead to an increased compliance to those policies.

Integrated Travel Initiative (formerly Travel and Expense)
Identifying an online travel booking system and expense management tool that will give better service to university employees traveling on business, and encourage the lowest available fares and rates.

FAST AR Initiative (formerly Billings to Cash)
Moving to the FAST Accounts Receivable system to improve the invoicing and reporting capabilities available to all university users. This will increase efficiency and timeliness in the invoicing and collection of accounts.

Purchasing Operating Model Initiative
Implementing a new proactive and strategically focused operating model (Supply Chain Management) for Purchasing Services, building upon and improving, through key performance indicators and other performance management methodologies, the performance of the department and the university’s service and supply agreements, resulting in substantial cost savings and greater efficiencies for University departments. 

Digital Imaging Initiative
On hold. Project scope and potential direction being reviewed. A draft of this project plan has now been completed. The team has been in communication with University of Manitoba legal counsel on digital imaging policy considerations for all of the finance initiatives that are promising scanned documents.


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