Information Technology (IT) Initiatives


Personal Commissioning and Decommissioning (PCCD) Initiative
The University of Manitoba’s personal computer procurement program (PCPP) brings with it superior prices and short delivery times on Windows PCs.


Shared Services Initiative
A move towards Shared Deskside Services, where users directly contact the IST Service Desk for computer support instead of contacting their local computer support person (Compurep). The Service Desk either would solve the problem directly, or if that is not possible, issue a service ticket to a Compurep. This approach means that more specialized resources of a Compurep are more available to a wider range of support services, and users know what to expect in resource and turnaround times. This model was tested successfully at the Bannatyne Campus. Results from a survey of users indicated that satisfaction levels increased and the service desk by itself directly solved 40 per cent of incidents.

Managed Print Services Implementation Initiative
IST is working with Xerox to undertake an assessment of printing requirements in order to develop a print management strategy with significant potential savings.    

Email/Calendar Initiative
The University will be investing in a MicroSoft Exchange email system to provide enhanced email features and an integrated calendar.  In addition, we will be replacing our Netware local area network software with a MicroSoft solution.  Benefits from the email project will include standardized email and calendars across campus, a single calendar system, integration between the calendar and email, and enhanced synching with hand held devices.

Information Technology Procurement Centre (ITPC) Initiative
Development of an IT Procurement Centre of Excellence to realize improved pricing by consolidating IT purchasing and standardizing the computing environment making it easier to provide effective support services. The newly established ITPC is located at 125 University Centre. It is responsible for all IT procurement at the U of M, including hardware, software and IT-related services. It also oversees the Personal Computer Procurement Program, which is operated by the U of M Bookstore, as well as the procurement of audio visual equipment provided through clasroom services and IST central administration.






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