Strategic Planning Framework

Aboriginal Achievement

Strategic Planning Three

Advancing Aboriginal education by providing students with the tools they need to be successful and reinforcing the University of Manitoba’s role as a national centre for Aboriginal scholarship.

Goal: The University of Manitoba will work with a variety of partners to make Winnipeg the national centre of excellence in Aboriginal education, and in particular to allow Aboriginal students to be prepared for and to achieve educational success in the full range of academic programs we offer.

Manitoba has a large and growing Aboriginal population. In fact, by 2026, it is projected that Aboriginal Manitobans will make up nearly 19 per cent of the population of the province. The success of First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities is vital to the social, cultural and economic development of Manitoba and Canada.

The University of Manitoba will work with partners in an attempt to encourage Aboriginal people to consider and pursue a post-secondary education. We believe the University of Manitoba can play a positive role in contributing to the success of Aboriginal students at the middle and high school levels. From there, we need to do more to attract Aboriginal students to university. We will make it a priority to identify the obstacles to participation and success and to develop strategies to address these issues. We cannot do this alone. We know that it is critical to work in collaboration with a variety of partners, including Aboriginal leadership and communities, the provincial government, secondary schools and others to ensure we are correctly identifying the needs of Aboriginal students and offering the programs and support necessary for their success.