Strategic Priorities
Strategic Priorities

The strategic priorities of Taking Our Place: University of Manitoba Strategic Plan 2015-2020 ("the Plan") build on those identified in the Strategic Planning Framework 2009-2014, the lessons learned in implementing this framework and the perspectives on the future direction of the University shared by faculty, staff, students and alumni as part of the consultation process associated with the development of the Plan. What follows is a description of these priorities and where the University will direct its efforts and resources to realize these priorities.

The Plan identifies five strategic priorities or broad directions for the University for 2015-2020. For each of these priority areas, the Plan begins with a statement of commitment or aspiration - what the University hopes to achieve in setting a particular priority. A set of high level goals is then identified for each priority area along with a set of supporting actions. In most cases, these supporting actions are aligned with a specific goal. In some cases, however, they may support more than one goal, given their overlapping nature.

As indicated in the Implementation section of the Plan, a combination of qualitative and quantitative ways to assess our progress will be developed for each of the five priority areas.

  1. Inspiring Minds
  2. Driving Discovery and Insight
  3. Creating Pathways
  4. Building Community
  5. Forging Connections