President's Priorities and Objectives

Every year in June, the Board of Governors approves the President’s priorities for the year.  For the year beginning July 1, 2016, the Board of Governors approved a series of priorities and objectives based on the following:

  1. Working with the executive team to improve team effectiveness.  The team is strong but improvement is always possible.  This will include transitioning to a new configuration of team members, considering alternate approaches to performance assessment, engagement with the larger project of leadership development working with Human Resources and completing negotiations toward a new faculty contract.
  2. Working on the capital campaign. This will be a top priority for me, working with the Vice-President (External).
  3. Moving ahead on the change agenda for UM. Specific areas of attention include academic structure, the budget model, the new limited partnership for developing our land holdings.
  4. Encouraging alignment of effort and resources with the university's institutional priorities.  We have a strategic plan and an implementation plan that accompanies it.  The final stage is developing metrics.
  5. Articulating a longer term vision for the University of Manitoba. In particular, communicating the vision effectively to faculty, staff and students.  To be discussed with the Board Chair in the fall.
  6. Speaking out on issues of public importance.