The University of Manitoba Survey Schedule

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Title Sponsor Contact Start End Survey Population Cycle
Facilitating Writing and Peer Review Academic Learning Centre Apr 17 2017 May 19 2017 Students in ENGL 1200 (A06) Winter Term 2017; WOMN 3500 (T01) Winter Term 2017 one time
Exploring the Experience of Acquiring and Using a Sit-Stand Workstation College of Rehabilitation Sciences Mar 20 2017 May 15 2017 Faculty and Staff one time
Perceptions of Occupational Therapy Students’ Preparedness for Culturally Safe and Competent Practice with Indigenous Peoples Occupational Therapy Mar 15 2017 May 15 2017 Current OT students one time
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Office of Institutional Analysis Feb 9 2017 Jun 1 2017 All first year and final year undergraduate students every 3 years
Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management Client Satisfaction Survey Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management Dec 7 2016 ongoing Individuals using the services of the Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management ongoing
Copyright Solutions: Faculty and Instructor Feedback Office of Fair Practices and Legal Affairs, Copyright Office Mar 2016 ongoing Users of Copyright Solutions ongoing
Physical Therapy Clinical Placement Reflection Survey Department of Physical Therapy Mar 2016 ongoing Master of Physical Therapy students following required clinical placements ongoing
Centre for Healthcare Innovation Quality Survey Centre for Healthcare Innovation Dec 21 2015 ongoing U of M researchers and students who use the Centre for Healthcare Innovation ongoing
Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) Exit and Ongoing Feedback Survey Department of Landscape Architecture Dec 18 2015 ongoing Graduates of the MLA program ongoing
Faculty of Education Undergraduate Program Review Faculty of Education Sep 2015 Aug 2018 Students, Staff, Faculty one time
IST – Evaluation of IST Services provided using the Cherwell software Client Services Sep 1 2014 Aug 31 2015 Random sample of closed service tickets ongoing
Last Updated: 2017/05/01


The Past Surveys page lists surveys previously conducted at The University of Manitoba.