University of Manitoba Brand

We all play a role in building the University of Manitoba’s brand.  A brand that’s created by the sum of impressions held by our students, staff, faculty, donors, alumni and partners.   A brand that’s reinforced each time we interact with our students, partner with industry, reach out to the community and share our story through marketing and communications activities.

By portraying the university’s brand consistently, we all benefit.  The values and reputation associated with the university as a whole will immediately apply to faculty and unit materials aligned with the brand.  And through this coordinated approach we further strengthen our image and reputation.

To assist members of the university community responsible for marketing and communications activities, we have developed a set of Visual Identity Guidelines that demonstrate how to effectively communicate the university’s brand.  Visit Our Visual Identity for resources including presentation templates and consent forms. Logos are also available for download, making it easy to incorporate the identity of the university into everything that you do.