Frequently Asked Questions

What is MCO?

The Marketing Communications Office, which is part of the University of Manitoba's External Relations unit, is responsible for the image and reputation of the University of Manitoba and is built on a service delivery model with two broad areas of activity, Client Services and Creative Solutions.

Our marketing and communications professionals work collaboratively with faculties, units, departments and senior administrators to meet their communication and marketing needs in harmony with the overarching marketing communications plan established for the University of Manitoba.

What can MCO do for my unit/faculty?

Our Client Relations team can help you develop comprehensive and strategic marketing communications plans that align with the University of Manitoba’s overarching marketing communications plan.

Aside from being responsible for the overall brand story for the University of Manitoba, the Creative Solutions team produces the deliverables associated with our clients’ marketing communications plans, working to ensure that the unique characteristics and strengths of their unit/faculty are promoted and celebrated while weaving them into our institutional brand story.

MCO works to achieve those goals using:

• high quality publications
• marketing campaigns
• advertising
• video and photography
• website content and design
• social media
• e-marketing
• earned media

Where can I view some examples of MCO's work?

You can view our portfolio here.

I want to contact MCO, but I don't know where to start. Who should I call?

MCO values its open-door approach, so you can call anyone on our contact list and they should be able to point you in the right direction. However, our contact list includes our team Client Relations Coordinators who are often the main points of contact on projects, so if you see that one of them handles an area that you are associated with, you can start there.