Gaa wii ji'i diyaang

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Originally formulated as a working-group in support of the Indigenous Achievement strategic planning process, Gaa wii ji'i diyaang is comprised of Indigenous and non-Indigenous faculty, staff and students walking with and advocating for Indigenous Achievement at the University of Manitoba. The Anishinaabe name Gaa wii ji'i diyaang (walking together, helping each other) was gifted to the strategic planning working group by Elder Margaret Lavallee at a naming ceremony that took place in the Circle Room at  William Norrie Centre, November 12, 2015. Current membership includes 20 representatives across multiple faculties and departments at the Fort Garry, Bannatyne and Selkirk campuses. A long term goal for the council is to expand membership to include all interested faculty, students and staff at the University of Manitoba, as well as alumni and community partners.

The Gaa wii ji'i diyaang Council approved its vision and mission statements at a meeting, December 9, 2015.
Vision Statement (Dec 9, 2015)
Through purposeful action towards reconciliation, Gaa wii ji'i diyaang affirms the reclamation of Indigenous identities, values and traditions and nurtures the spirits, hearts, bodies and minds of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.
Mission Statement (Dec 9, 2015)
Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples walking together and helping each other to create a just UM community through relationship building, education, advocacy and action in support of Indigenous Achievement.

Declaration Statement

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Gaa wii ji'i diyaang Council Members:
Alescha Anderson, Inner City Social Work student
Brian Barth, Office of Human Rights and Conflict Managament
Michelle Carriere, Engineering Access Programs
Debra Diubaldo, Inner City Social Work Program
Linda Diffey, Centre of Aboriginal Health Education
Maureen Flaherty, Peace and Conflict Studies
Joannie Halas (Co-chair), Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
Bonnie Hallman, Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
Carla Kirkpatrick, Inner City Social Work student
Brenda Lafreniere, ACCESS and Aboriginal Focus Programs
Heather McRae, Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
Adam Muller, Faculty of Arts
Trevor Phillips, Indigenous Graduate Student Advisor
Peter Pomart (Co-chair), Asper School of Business, ABEP
Jhonaleen Ponce, Rec and Read
Cathy Rocke, Faculty of Social Work
Michele Rogalsky, School of Agriculture
Maya Simpson, Faculty of Nursing
Ruth Shead, Office of Indigenous Achievement
Carl Stone, Indigenous Students Centre
Chris Trott, St. John’s College and Native Studies
Valerie Williams, Learning Support Services
Lori Wilkson, Faculty of Arts
Andrew Wolford, Faculty of Arts