Christie Lavallee [class of 2020]

Christie Lavallee

Student, Ecology and Environmental Biology

What is your connection to Migizii Agamik?
I am connected to Migizii Agamik through the Access and Aboriginal Focus Programs.

Share a memory that you have of the building.
One of my good memories I have of this building is being here with all of my friends in my first year of university and as we were all sitting around the table stressed about our one class we had together I knew that we would be alright because we had each other to lean on and help each other out.

What do you want current and future students to know about Migizii Agamik?
This building has been my home away from home every day when I come to university. It has given me a place to study and connect with fellow students that are in the same situation that I am. It gives me a sense of family because everyone here wants to see you succeed.

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