Brenda Lee Lafreniere [BSW/84, MMFT/05 (UofW)]

Brenda Lee Lafreniere

Counsellor, Access & Aboriginal Focus Programs

What does Migizii Agamik mean to you?
A sense of pride. It gives me pride to walk around the University of Manitoba knowing that this building is here, and that people will see it, walk by it, be drawn to it and will want to learn more about how rich and beautiful a people we are. Also, the building is a reminder of how much we can share, learn and walk together.

Share a memory you have of Migizii Agamik.

I remember sitting around in the space downstairs with plastic hanging from the ceilings because the building was still being built. We sat in a circle, and there was a lot of people, including Elders, staff and students. It was a very touching moment because we knew that the building was being blessed and it was a very sacred ceremony. It was not just the construction of a building, it was the building of a spiritual, sacred and safe space.

What do you want current and future students to know about Migizii Agamik?
This building was the vision of not just one person, it was the vision of many people, including the Indigenous community, the university community, Elders and students, who worked together for one common vision. The design and creation of this building holds many stories and teachings of Indigenous people. These stories and teachings are meant to be shared with current and future generations, as they walk through the doorways. Please take time to learn the stories.

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