Chance Paupanakis [class of 2020]

Chance Paupanakis

Student, Political Studies and Native Studies

What is your connection to Migizii Agamik?
Migizii Agamik is my second home, and I have spent more time there than I have anywhere else on campus. The energy of the Indigenous Student Centre first attracted me to the building, and I have stayed there ever since. It was this space that introduced me to the world of Indigenous politics, academics and community.

Share a memory that you have of the building.
My favourite memory of Migizii Agamik is when we hosted the Empowering the Indigenous Student Vote where we had Elders, leaders of the community and Ashley Callingbull speak about the importance of using the Canadian voting system to achieve the election of a Prime Minister who focuses heavily on Indigenous peoples and their concerns. This was one of Migizii Agamik's largest events, and the response we received from the community was extraordinarily positive and uplifting.

What do you want current and future students to know about Migizii Agamik?
Being away from your community and family while attending post-secondary can be challenging. Migizii Agamik is a place that is a home away from home, and the students and staff there do everything they can to ensure your comfort, peace and success. It is beautiful to know that although we are not meant to prevail in institutions like universities, we continue to do so, and places like Migizii Agamik are helpful in doing this.

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