Pension Plans


The University of Manitoba is the plan sponsor for The University of Manitoba Pension Plan (1993); The University of Manitoba GFT Pension Plan (1986); and The University of Manitoba Pension Plan (1970). The plans are all trusteed and registered with both the Manitoba Pension Commission and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

As registered arrangements, the Plans must comply with the provisions outlined in both the Manitoba Pension Benefits Act and the Canadian Income Tax Act. The main objective of the Pension Benefits Act is to safeguard member's rights to benefits promised.

Staff Members who are in the following employee groups belong to:

AESES, UMFA, CUPE (Local 1482 and 3909), Excluded, CAW, UMDCSA, Students


GFT- Full-time Members of the Faculty of Medicine who sign a Geographical Full-Time Agreement
1970 Pension Plan
Effective September 1, 2011 there are no active contributory members left in this Plan.  Please call the Staff Benefits Office if you are a former member of this Plan.





Questions or comments regarding Pension Benefits 
please e-mail: Pension Administration