How to Nominate for the Team Award of Excellence for Support Staff

What teams are eligible to be nominated for the team award?

Any team with between 3 to 20 people, at least half of whom are support staff.

How can I submit an effective nomination?

Nomination Form
This form plays a critical role in informing the selection committee about the impact of your team. Please take time to fill it out thoughtfully, review each of the award criteria and then in point form list the contributions that your team has made in each area. A few well thought out points that demonstrate contributions that focus on tangible results directly related to the criteria will be viewed more favourably then a large number of points that don't as clearly relate to the criteria or demonstrate an impact.

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Covering Letter
You may also submit a covering letter, of up to two pages to further illustrate your team’s contributions.

Letters of Support
Two one-page letters of support from other colleagues are to accompany the nomination. For your convenience there is a template for this letter on the last page of your nomination form. Those providing letters of support do not have to use only the form provided they may send emails or memo's that voice their support. It's helpful to share the criteria for the award with those providing the letters so that their examples are informed by the criteria. These letters offer an opportunity to show the selection committee the contribution of the nominee from other perspectives. The impact of the letter is not rooted in the status of the individual providing the letter, but more on their ability to speak to the difference that the nominee has made. 

If I have questions who should I contact?

Mark O'Riley, Tel: 474-9491,

Where do I send the nomination?

Awards of Excellence Selection Committee
46 Modular Facility B Lot
Fort Garry Campus

What is the deadline?

The deadline is March 28th, 2014.