Service Awards Recipients

2014 Award Recipients

Maggie Bowman
Human Ethics Secretariat
Amy Dario
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Kyle Lougheed
Enrolment Services
Lawrence Mitchell
Department of Psychology
Laurie Morris
Department of Philosophy
Sherrin Smart
Physical Plant

Bios of 2014 recipients

2013 Award Recipients

Lorna Cameron
U of M Libraries
Thayalan Karthigesu
Faculty of Law
Andrea MacIntosh
Faculty of Medicine
Janis McGonigle
Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
Reg Roy
Physical Plant
Judith (Jude) Zieske
Faculty of Medicine

Bios of 2013 recipients

2012 Award Recipients

Christine Cyr
Enrollment Services
Trudy Lyttle
Department of Psychology
Tom Millar
Dean’s Office, Faculty of Education
Bob Milne
Bannatyne Plumbing Shop, Physical Plant
Amber Skrabek
Dean’s Office, Faculty of Engineering

Bios of 2012 recipients

2011 Award Recipients

Elizabeth Boyle
Student Counselling & Career Services
Bev Getty
Aboriginal Student Centre
Jason Jorgenson
Clayton H.  Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth & Resources
Dennis Kohut
Architectural Services, Physical Plant
Mary Kuzmeniuk
Department of Psychology
Susie Petrychko
Extended Education

Bios of 2011 recipients

2010 Award Recipients

Sol Chu
IST Training Centre/Learning Management
Tom Deakin
South Zone Caretaking, Physical Plant
Erwin Dirks
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Henry Kunkel
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Allan McKay
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Eleanor Reimer
Architecture/Fine Arts Library

Bios of 2010 recipients

2009 Award Recipients

Gerri Acorn
Department of Computer Science
Rita Courchaine
Faculty of Education
Guy Jonatschick
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nancy Laxdal
Physical Plant
Kimberley Wilde
Department of Native Studies

Bios of 2009 recipients

2008 Award Recipients

Irene Hamel
Faculty of Engineering
Marianne Harnish
Department of English
Janina Huzarski
Caretaking Services
John Rohs
Maria Tepper
Faculty of Law

Bios of 2008 recipients

2007 Award Recipients

Terri Garner
Department of Animal Science
Louise Graham
Faculty of Education
Lawrence Grimshire
Central Zone, Physical Plant
Dr. Kirk Marat
Department of Chemistry

Bios of 2007 recipients

2006 Award Recipients

Robbin Watson
Faculty of Architecture
Susan Leeson
Faculty of Music
Dianne Bulback
RESOLVE Research Centre

Bios of 2006 recipients