Conflict Mediation

LOD Mediation Process Overview

Mediation is a process of facilitated conversation. The goal is enhanced individual comfort, satisfaction, and interpersonal ease, and improved unit productivity.

This can be accomplished through increased mutual understanding and, in some situations, alternate communication dynamics. Each person can learn more about the other’s perceptions and reactions and, in turn, feel more understood by the other.  We hope to identify common ground, areas of difference, and agreement on next steps for creating a more positive future.

This is an informal process, which has no documentation, and can be stopped at any point by either of the participants. It is based on the belief that both people have in some way contributed to the interpersonal dynamics and can, if they choose, contribute to improving those. The facilitator is neutral, and does not determine right or wrong or impose any particular outcome. She does, to some extent, structure the discussion and intervene, if necessary, to ensure respectful conversation.

Typically the process would be as follows:

1. Individual, completely confidential meeting with the facilitator to give her context and provide each person opportunity to speak fully.
2. Joint meeting with the facilitator and other parties where each person takes a turn expressing their perceptions and feelings and having their comments paraphrased by the other party. The goal is to understand the other better and, in turn, to be more understood.  Then we identify what has been learned, what the common ground is, and what we need to do next.

3. Additional meetings if agreed to.

4. Communication of agreements to a third party, such as dean, director, or department head, if appropriate and agreed to by participants.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments about this process.