2016 UMFA Salary Information
Background Information from September Proposal - No Longer Applicable (Nov 2016)

The University of Manitoba is offering a four year agreement with a total 7% general increase (1%, 2%, 2% and 2% respectively).  This general increase would be in addition to existing annual increments and proposed salary increases to address areas of need, which would result in the average UMFA member’s salary being increased by 17.5% over four years (those who have not reached their increment ceilings would benefit more than those who have).

With this offer, the University of Manitoba will improve faculty salaries in relation to the U15 group of universities, which represents the top, research-intensive universities in Canada. In 2011, when U of M became one of the final two universities to join the U15, it made a commitment to improve faculty salaries so that they move closer to the 25th percentile.

The salary figures, combined with the relatively low cost of living in Winnipeg, make University of Manitoba compensation competitive with U15 and other universities across Canada.