Death Benefits
Benefits on Death Before Retirement

In the event of the death of an Active Member, or an Inactive Member who is either on an approved leave of absence, suspension, or lay off, prior to retirement there shall be payable an amount equal to the sum of:

  • the Employee Contribution Account
  • the University Contribution Account
  • Additional Voluntary Contribution Account, if any

Priority of Entitlements

The priority of entitlement to any benefits payable under the death benefits shall be:

  • the Member's surviving spouse/common-law partner if any, unless the spouse has waived entitlement to the death benefit
  • the person or persons or organization or institutions designated by the member as Beneficiary or Beneficiaries or
  • the Member's Estate

The Manitoba Pension Benefits Act requires that if the Member has a spouse/common-law partner that the spouse/common-law partner is named as beneficiary. (If there exists a preferred beneficiary designation under the Insurance Act that existed under the Prior Pension Plan this designation shall have priority.)

Settlement of Death Benefits

Eligible Spouse/Common-law Partner - the death benefit may be transferred to:

  • the spouse/common-law partner's Locked-In Retirement Account or Life Income Fund, or
  • the Registered Pension Plan of which the spouse/common-law partner is a member provided that the transfer is permitted by that plan, or
  • by way of an annuity purchase provided by a life insurance company.

If the deceased Member was eligible to receive a retirement benefit from the Plan and the eligible spouse/common-law partner is over age 55, the spouse/common-law partner may elect an immediate Plan Pension payable to the spouse/common-law partner for his or her lifetime.

Other Beneficiaries - settlement will be made by a lump sum cash payment.






Questions or comments regarding Pension Benefits 
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