Advising Services


Whether you have just joined the University or have been employed by the University for some time, we hope this section of our website will provide answers to questions you may have.  It is designed to be a resource for you.  If you have questions that are not answered here or if you would like further information, consult with your manager or supervisor or draw on the assistance and expertise offered within Human Resource Services.  To see the HR Partners Directory, click here.


First point of contact for all Human Resource issues including:

Coordination of all recruitment processes

  • job postings
  • providing advice concerning appropriate recruitment practices
  • advise and assist with online recruitment procedures
  • approve postings
  • advise and assist with the interview process
  • advise and assist in determining successful candidates and developing selection justifications
  • make job offers assign appropriate step placement (compensation)
  • authorize completed appointment documentation.

Classification and Salary Administration

  • provide advice and assistance in writing job descriptions
  • review all position descriptions submitted for Classification Review
  • participate and chair Classification Review Committees
  • advise client departments on salary administration as per collective agreements and compensation policy.
  • ensure all governmental, legal and contractual regulations are met.

Employee Relations

  • provide interpretation of collective agreements and University policies, procedures and practices as they apply to the workplace
  • advise and support clients engaged in grievance, layoff/position discontinuance, sick leave management, termination or internal placement procedures.  Maintain close communication with Staff Relations Officers.
  • provide information and advice to clients regarding the development and implementation of sound performance management practices.
  • provide strategies for administering disciplinary processes.
  • participate in disciplinary meetings if requested
  • provide coaching/counseling services to employees in support of a respectful work environment.

Other Services

  • conduct or participate in organizational reviews and developing workplace solutions
  • participate in Graduated Return to Work and Accommodation plans for employees returning from sick leave or LTD.


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