CUPE. 3909 - Grader/Marker

 Revision Date: September 1995

Classification: Grader/Marker
Unit: C.U.P.E. 3909
Hay Point Range: N/A


Grader/Markers are responsible to the employment supervisor responsible for a course(s) for completing assigned grading and marking activities.

In carrying out her/his responsibilities the Grader/Marker shall conduct herself/himself in a responsible and ethical manner in the performance of her/his duties and in her/his relations with students and staff.

With respect to the duties assigned, the incumbent will be informed by the employment supervisor of the guidelines and limitations placed on her/him in completing assigned duties.


  • Meets with the employment supervisor responsible for the course(s), for purpose of orientation and receiving guidelines for grading and marking assignments and for providing written feedback to the students.
  • Grades and marks work submitted by students from tests, exams or projects.
  • Provides written feedback to the students, on the quality of material presented for grading or marking.
  • May be required to maintain regularly scheduled and posted times for providing consultation and a reasonable amount of informally scheduled consultation to students on test, exam or project results.
  • May be required to assist in the production of tests, exams or projects under the supervision of the person responsible for the laboratory or class.


  • Completion of academic studies which have resulted in an expertise specifically appropriate to grading or marking the material assigned.
  • An empathetic approach to the instructional needs and concerns of students.
  • Effective skills in the English language.