CUPE 3909 - Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator/Tutor/Seminar Leader

Revision Date: September 1995
Classification: Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator/Tutor/Seminar Leader
Unit: C.U.P.E. 3909
Hay Point Range: N/A


Teaching Assistants/Demonstrators/Tutors/Seminar Leaders are responsible for assisting the employment supervisor for a course(s) in the instructional activities of a course(s). The Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator/Tutor/Seminar Leader classification may be differentiated from the Grader/Marker classification by the nature, complexity and variety of associated preparation and instructional activities assigned.

In carrying out her/his responsibilities the Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator /Tutor/Seminar Leader shall conduct herself/himself in a responsible and ethical manner in the performance of her/his duties and in her/his relations with students and staff.

With respect to the duties assigned, the incumbent will be informed by the employment supervisor of the guidelines and limitations placed on her/him in completing assigned duties.


  • Attends orientation, planning and coordinating meetings as may be scheduled for staff in the course.
  • May be required to attend lectures and other sessions of instruction in the course.
  • Consults with the employment supervisor responsible for the course(s) for direction on assigned responsibilities.
  • Prepares instructional material such as handouts, assignments, problem sets, tests, exams and presents to students in a variety of settings such as tutorials, laboratories, or seminars.
  • Marks student work including the work submitted by students in the tutorial, lab or seminar for which she/he is responsible and the assigned portion of the work submitted by students in the course generally, e.g. the midterm exam, final exam or major project, the marking of which may be shared among the staff in a course under the employment supervisor responsible.
  • Consults with students by maintaining regularly scheduled and posted times for such consultation and provides a reasonable amount of informally scheduled consultation if necessary.
  • Such other related duties as may be assigned, e.g. development or adaptation of audio visual material, preparation of experiments, participation in field trips, etc.
  • Occasional approved substitution for other members of the teaching or teaching support staff including the necessary related tasks.
  • May initiate or be required to initiate information to students identifying assignment problems or misinterpretations.


  • Completion of academic studies and experience which have resulted in an expertise specifically appropriate to assisting in the instruction of the course(s) assigned.
  • An empathetic approach to the instructional needs and concerns of students.
  • Effective skills in the English language.