CUPE 3909 - Lecturer/Instructor

Revision Date: September 1995
Classification: Lecturer/Instructor
Unit: C.U.P.E. 3909
Hay Point Range: N/A


Lecturer/Instructors are responsible to the employment supervisor responsible for a course(s) for teaching the assigned course(s) and for all other related instructional duties which may be assigned or required for the effective conduct of the course(s).

In carrying out her/his responsibilities the Lecturer/Instructor shall conduct herself/himself in a responsible and ethical manner in the performance of her/his duties and in her/his relations with students and staff.

With respect to the presentation of a course, the incumbent will be informed by the employment supervisor of the limitations, if any, placed on her/him in such matters as course outline, selection of texts, reading lists, assignments, and grading.


  • Attends such orientation, planning and coordinating meetings as may be scheduled for staff in the course(s).
  • Makes preparation for the course(s) of instruction assigned.
  • Teaches and instructs the course(s) assigned according to a prescribed curriculum and by prescribed methods.
  • Evaluates the work of students taking the course(s).
  • Counsels students as required.
  • May be expected to develop and submit such items as a course outline or textbook order in advance of the term or to assist in following up a grade appeal or the clearing up of a deferred grade after the end of the term.
  • Within the scope of the course(s) taught, and of specific limitations established from time to time by the employment supervisor, shall present material and information related to the subject matter of the course(s) in an appropriate manner, make independent comment, and encourage critical judgement by students.
  • May be assigned teaching support staff to assist in the course(s) for which she/he is responsible and shall be required within such guidelines as may be provided by the employment supervisor to outline the duties and responsibilities of each such member of the teaching support staff at the outset of the term.
  • May on occasion be required to substitute for other members of the teaching staff including the performance of necessary related tasks.


  • Completion of academic studies and experience which has resulted in an expertise specifically appropriate to instructing the course(s) to which assigned.
  • A knowledge of pedagogical practices and techniques suitable to the instructional needs and concerns of the students.
  • Excellent skills in the English language.

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