CUPE 1482 - Office Assistant 5

Revision Date: February 1984
Classification: Office Assistant 5
Unit: C.U.P.E. 1482
Hay Point Range: 225-270


Positions at this level provide office assistance through the application of advanced vocational skills and/or knowledge of complex secretarial, clerical, or bookkeeping/basic accounting practices, combined with administrative and/or supervisory skills to ensure that the objectives of a university program, section, department, faculty, school or administrative unit are achieved. Under direction, incumbents apply their knowledge independently in the interpretation of and input into policies and procedures, consulting only where there is a lack of precedent in day to day administration. They may establish priorities, guidelines and procedures for an area. In addition to their administrative, secretarial and/or clerical duties, incumbents may also be responsible for the training and supervision of junior employees.


  • Performs or ensures the completion of daily routines for an area including: providing information and advice on the status of accounts, services, or activities to other internal and external areas, either verbally or in writing.
  • Supervises secretarial, clerical or service employees including: planning and assigning work routines and schedules; instructing in procedures; maintaining employee records; interviewing applicants for vacant positions and assisting in selection procedures.
  • Ensures that junior staff maintain good relations with staff, students and the public and that they provide prompt and courteous service.
  • Performs functions of automated keyboard office equipment for information processing and retention, resolving problems encountered as well as being responsible for establishing and maintaining departmental priorities, guidelines, and other application decisions for the use of such equipment.
  • Prepares, processes, and verifies all supplies, stationery and equipment, keeping a record of all transactions, requisitions, etc.
  • Is responsible for establishing, maintaining and updating files, forms, records, manuals and libraries.
  • Prepares, processes and expedites all forms and accounts while maintaining good relations with other areas, staff, students and the public.
  • Is responsible for handling correspondence and inquiries relating to the functions of the area or its policies and procedures.
  • May act as a receptionist for an area, receiving, screening and referring visitors and calls, taking messages and providing information, requiring a good knowledge of university policies and procedures; making appointments and arrangements for meetings, room bookings, travel, etc.
  • Provides secretarial assistance to committees: preparing agendas, arranging meetings; taking, transcribing, distributing, and editing minutes and/or following-up on business arising from the minutes.
  • May assign or complete the compilation of data required for the preparation of budgets and the maintenance of accounts.
  • May be responsible for coordinating and assessing: time- tabling, registration, examination procedures, record- keeping of examination results; general inquiries, etc.
  • Responsible for control of cash funds.
  • May assume other responsibilities in supervisor's absence.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


The minimum qualifications necessary for acceptable (satisfactory) job performance are:

Level of Formal Education and Experience

  • Completion of a High school or equivalent program of studies in directly related applied office skills plus 4 years of directly related experience
    - or -
  • High school completion plus five years directly related experience
  • An acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

Skills & Abilities

  • Ability to ensure independently the completion of detailed clerical, service, secretarial or basic accounting routines.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of staff, students and the public.
  • Proficiency in the use of shorthand and/or dictating equipment where this is a requirement of the position.
  • Some positions may require knowledge of a second language or specialized vocabulary.
  • Some positions require keyboard skills with the ability to meet test standards in typing (60 wpm.).
  • Ability to organize, assign and/or supervise other clerical staff.
  • Ability to operate automated keyboard office equipment as assigned and establish departmental priorities for its use.
  • Appropriate communication skills, verbally and in writing

Physical Requirements

  • Capable of performing the duties as assigned.