CUPE 1482 - Administrative Assistant 2

Revision Date: October 1987
Classification: Administrative Assistant 2
Unit: C.U.P.E. 1482
Hay Point Range: 332-382


Positions at this level provide responsible administrative assistance to a University department, faculty, administrative unit, or area. Responsibilities may involve handling general administrative details related to the operation of a large and/or complex organizational unit, or administration of a complex function within a unit which requires specialized knowledge and/or experience.

Under general direction incumbents are required to exercise considerable initiative and independent judgement and to participate in the development of policies within the unit. The supervision of junior clerical, services or administrative staff may be a requirement of the position.


  • Communicates with staff, students, and the public, interpreting departmental policies and regulations, providing advice and assistance, providing liaison with other University departments and administrative units. Duties are often of considerable importance to University public relations, and may include: communications with outside agencies, preparation of calendar and/or publicity material, and presentations to high school and community groups.
  • Is responsible for supervising the activities of a group of employees engaged in a variety of tasks, including recommending appointments, terminations, and promotions; training new staff; preparing schedules, assigning work; responsibility for performance of these employees.
  • Develops and implements departmental systems and operating procedures; participates in planning departmental programs, often as a member of various committees.
  • Coordinates preparation of departmental budget, including assisting in budgetary estimates; maintains budget records, handles payroll and related departmental accounting duties.
  • Prepares reports and statistics as required.
  • May act as recording secretary or convenor for departmental committee meetings, recording minutes and providing follow- up on committee decisions; may represent the department on University committees.
  • May be responsible for various activities within a complex unit, which may include maintenance and security of supplies and equipment, registration and examination routines, timetabling and space allocation.
  • Undertakes special administrative projects and studies as required for the department.
  • May be assigned the responsibility for initiating the purchase of all goods and services for a designated section.
  • May be assigned responsibility for the accounting of a designated section within the University.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


The minimum qualifications necessary for acceptable (satisfactory) job performance are:

Level of Formal Education and Experience

  • University Bachelor's degree in a related discipline plus the equivalent of 2 years of directly related administrative experience
    - or -
  • Completion of a High school or equivalent program of studies in applied office skills plus the equivalent of 6 years of related experience in progressively responsible positions
  • An acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

Skills and Abilities

  • Skill in dealing effectively with all levels of staff, students, and the public.
  • Knowledge of the regulations, policies, procedures, programs and/or courses of the University as they relate to an area.
  • For some positions demonstrated ability to organize, assign, and supervise the work of junior employees.
  • Appropriate communication skills, verbally and in writing.

Physical Requirements

  • Capable of performing the duties as assigned.