UNIFOR - Food Service Cook

Revision Date:  August 2010
Classification:  Food Service Cook

Hay Point Range:


The Food Services Cook, under direct supervision of the Executive Chef and/or Management Team, is responsible for the preparation of ingredients and the production of food products required for the department menus.  The Food Services Cook is also responsible for following cost control procedures and providing customer service according to departmental standards.


·         Interprets recipes while preparing ingredients and producing products required for the daily menus of the department while ensuring that proper volumes and deadlines are being met with appropriate quality of product and service.

·         Perform cooking/serving duties while working on the front line when required and completes these duties using the appropriate equipment as required for the task at hand.

·         Responsible for the placement of products for sale in the appropriate locations and to ensure that appropriate levels of inventory for those products are available to the customer.

·         Follow proper portioning procedures when dealing with recipe building or with any presentation/service of menu items to the customer.

·         While performing all duties, it is the responsibility of the Food Service Cook to perform those duties with the customer in mind.  General customer service is an integral part of the duty of the Food Service Cook and they must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times while working.

·         It is the responsibility of the Food Service Cook to ensure that their immediate work area is kept clean and organized.  When specific duties are assigned, sanitation procedures must be followed for the general cleaning/sanitizing of the server and kitchen areas.  When required, all small wares and equipment must be cleaned to an appropriate standard for the customers, co-workers and Government Regulations.

·         Information must be exchanged between the Food Service Cook, the customer, co-workers and the Management Team to ensure an efficient operation is being operated and that all parties, when required, are informed of needed information.

·         Practices and ensures safe food handling including proper storage and temperature storage.

·         Assesses and recommends production techniques that enhance product quality and increases efficiency.  Uses creativity and artistry in presentation of food.

·         Requisitions products and supplies from Stores.

·         Assists in the accurate physical count of weekly inventories and records appropriately.

·         Utilizes over-produced food and surplus supplies to prevent waste and improve cost controls and informs Management of par levels of all products and supplies to prevent run-outs, over production and any interruption in service levels.

·         Performs miscellaneous duties as assigned.


The minimum qualifications necessary for satisfactory job Performance are:

Level of Formal Education Required

·         High School graduate

·         Certification considered an asset.


Three or more years experience in a private sector hospitality environment which involved high volume and/or high-end food service production.

Skills and Abilities

·         Must demonstrate verbal and written skills acceptable for performing responsibilities.

·         Good listening skills with some concentration.

Physical Requirements

Standing 100% of the time.  Repetitive work and motions; awkward positions and lifting up to 40kg.

This class specification is intended to illustrate the characteristics of this classification level and should not be interpreted as a description of any one individual position within this classification.