AESES - Laboratory Steward 1

 Laboratory Steward 1

Revision Date: August 2005

Classification: Lab Steward 1
Hay Point Range: 126 – 166


Incumbents at this level are involved in the daily operation and maintenance of teaching and research laboratories and the storage and distribution of related supplies and equipment. Incumbents receive close supervision during the training period. Supervision and instruction are received from more senior laboratory stewards, technicians, administrators or academics. Incumbents may be required to assist in the introductory training of new employees hired to the same level or provide training and orientation to demonstrators and students.


  • Is responsible for cleaning incubators, refrigerators, freezers and walk-in cold storage areas.
  • Required to set up, clean, and maintain equipment and laboratories, classrooms or lecture halls.
  • Performs minor maintenance to laboratory and A/V equipment.
  • Orders chemicals, supplies and equipment required to maintain a satisfactory level of inventory.
  • Is responsible for maintaining supplies and equipment inventory.
  • Is responsible for the preparation of standardized media, reagents, stains, buffers or solutions in sufficient quantities to meet the varying needs of teaching or research laboratories. This may include handling corrosive, explosive, flammable or toxic chemicals.
  • May provide information on the cost of laboratory materials, equipment and repairs and make recommendations on the purchase of laboratory supplies and equipment.
  • Sets up and operates laboratory and audio/visual equipment.
  • Is responsible for assigning lockers and issuing locker keys and course kits to undergraduate students.
  • May be required to transport live cultures (including human pathogens) to and from incubators and labs.
  • Is required to obtain knowledge of and comply with safety policies applicable to the workplace.
  • Is responsible for proper labelling of all dept. stock that comes under WHMIS regulations.
  • Performs other related duties as required or assigned.


The minimum qualifications necessary for acceptable (satisfactory) job performance are:

Level of Formal Education

  • High school completion with job-related options plus one year of directly related experience.
  • University or Technical School training is preferred


An acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to relate well with other staff members and students.
  • Ability to follow written and oral instructions.
  • Ability to perform prescribed clerical duties.
  • Preferably should have training in first aid techniques.
  • Ability to use hand tools.
  • PC tools, word processing, and computer knowledge would be an asset.

Physical Requirements

  • Moderate to heavy lifting may be required.
  • Capable of performing the duties as assigned.

This class specification is intended to illustrate the characteristics of this classification level and should not be interpreted as a description of any one individual position within this classification level.