AESES - Dental Assistant 3

Dental Assistant 3
Revision Date:
August 2005

Classification: Dental Assistant 3
Hay Point Range: 222 – 272


Dental Assistant 3s provide chairside assistance to dental students and professors, including organizing the daily routines of the undergraduate and graduate orthodontic clinics, following established policies. Employees at this level are expected to perform intra-oral procedures under general super­vision and instruct students on specific tasks and equip­ment.

The work of these positions is governed by standard practice and well-defined guidelines and involve assisting in the introductory training of new employees hired to positions of the same level.


  • Performs any duties performed by Dental Assistant 1s and 2s as required to support the activities of the clinic.
  • Provides chairside assistance to students and professional staff in the graduate and undergraduate orthodontics clinics.
  • Perform the following intra-oral procedures in assistance of students and professional staff: impressions, radiographs, photographs, placement of separators, re­moval and ligation of archwires, elimination of sharp wires and re-attachment of loose braces.
  • Dispenses controlled instruments, materials and equipment.
  • Instructs students on taking impressions, radiographs, photographs and care and use of certain orthodontic instruments, materials and equipment.
  • Performs other related duties as required or assigned.


The minimum qualifications necessary for acceptable (satisfactory) job performance are:

Level of Formal Education

  • Successful completion of a recognized Phase II Dental Assisting/ Chair­side course, including the advanced module.
  • Successful completion of a Manitoba Dental Association-approved Orthodontics module.


  • Two years of orthodontics experience required.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to work well with students, staff and the general public.
  • Must understand orthodontic concepts.
  • Must be able to perform intra-oral duties such as taking impressions, photographs and radiographs.
  • Ability to work independently.

Physical Requirements

  • Physically capable of performing the duties as assigned, which include working in awkward positions and sitting and standing for periods of up to three hours.

Other Job-Related Qualifications

  • Satisfactory work record, including attendance and punctuality.
  • Current CPR course.
  • Formal WHMIS training preferred.

This class specification is intended to illustrate the characteristics of this classification level and should not be interpreted as a description of any one individual position within this classification level.

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