AESES - Technician 5

Technician 5
Revision Date:
August 2005

Classification: Technician 5
Hay Point Range: 329 - 399


General supervision and direction are available; however, these employees are expected to plan and organize their own work, the work of subordinates and most functions of the area independently. Positions at this level provide specialist services through the implementation of a highly skilled technology. Some positions operate a sophisticated and highly complex instrument(s). Others at this level are responsible for operating laboratories, greenhouses, research units or workshops, including the administrative tasks necessary to the smooth operation of the area and significant supervisory responsibilities.

Some positions take part in research activities; others coordinate activities of a construction project. Some provide a product through a combination of applied skills and a creative ability; others develop, design, acquire and maintain a variety of equipment and systems.

These positions make a contribution to independent research and professional publications. In some positions these technicians act as demonstrators and lab instructors.

Incumbents are expected to perform any duties performed by Technician 1s - 4s as required to support the activities of the unit.


Duties and Responsibilities that apply generally are:

  • Is responsible for daily operation of a maintenance workshop, of laboratories, of a poultry plant or of a greenhouse, including quality control, training, supervision, allocation of work and allocation of space for research projects.
  • Acts as lab instructor or demonstrator. Grades and evaluates graduate and undergraduate students in learning skilled techniques.
  • Operates specialized complex equipment (eg. NMR Spectrometer, heart and lung machines), analyzing and interpreting results obtained, operating and programming computers as required to analyze results of data collected.
  • Organizes results, prepares drafts for publication and co‑authors papers.
  • On a project basis, coordinates aspects of work for installations, renovations or new construction, including budget allocation, tendering, providing specifications and supervising work.
  • Performs other related duties as required or assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities that involve Fine Arts include:

  • Is responsible for the design and construction of buildings, grounds and utilities pertaining to University property, including architectural design and drafting.
  • Plans, executes and adapts graphic design for University or research publications.
  • Media production, including one or more of writing, graphic design, photography, video and sound recording and editing.

Duties and Responsibilities that involve Mechanical and Industrial Arts include:

  • Develops, designs and fabricates specialized systems/equipment, requiring a high degree of skill, for use in research areas, field projects, dental or medical practice, educational support, media presentation, etc.
  • Maintains, services and repairs general lab and electronic equipment and instrumentation.

Duties and Responsibilities that involve Research include:

  • Carries out research projects in a specialized subject area, including selection of investigation area, planning of the project and experimental design.
  • Performs laboratory analysis using highly complex techniques.
  • Takes active part in experimental surgical activities.


The minimum qualifications necessary for acceptable (satisfactory) job performance are:

Level of Formal Education

  • Masters degree in a related study area with two years = directly-related experience.
    - or -
  • Bachelors degree in a related discipline with five years = directly-related experience.
    - or -
  • Completion of a Community College course in a related discipline with six years = directly-related experience.
    - or -
  • Training equivalent to Journeyman trade status (five years = related training) plus three years related experience beyond Journeyman status.


An acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to plan, organize and administer projects.
  • Must be able to work within time and budget constraints.
  • Ability and willingness to learn new techniques.
  • Ability to keep abreast of developments in the areas of expertise is required.
  • Ability to work both independently and as a member of a team is essential.
  • Ability to train and to supervise the work of staff and students.
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, are essential.

Physical Requirements

  • Good manual dexterity and eyesight required.
  • No allergies to animals, plants or plant products or job‑related materials.
  • Physically capable of performing the duties as assigned, which may include mobility and/or moderate to heavy lifting.

Other Job-related Qualifications

  • Some positions require incumbent to possess philosophy compatible with animal-based research.
  • Knowledge of WHMIS and radioactive/hazardous materials protocols and regulations.

This class specification is intended to illustrate the characteristics of this classification level and should not be interpreted as a description of any one individual position within this classification level.

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