AESES-SECURITY - Patrol Supervisor

Revision Date: February 1998

Classification: Patrol Supervisor
Unit: AESES Security Services
Hay Point Range: N/A


The UM Security Services consists of a Director, Assistant Director, Patrol Supervisors, Patrol Officers, and Student Security Patrol. The Security Services Department provides safety for all persons who visit or are on the UM Campus. UM Security Services is also responsible for guarding the UM properties and protecting the personal belongings of individuals. This is accomplished by developing proactive programs, promptly responding to all calls for service, patrolling in a visible manner, securing buildings and interacting with students, staff, and the public. All facets of parking enforcement on a 24 hour basis are also a responsibility of the Department. All staff are appointed Special Constables in and for the Province of Manitoba to enforce the provisions of the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act on UM property.

Under the administrative supervision of the Director, Patrol Supervisors function as leader for a team of Patrol Officers and Student Security Patrol delivering security, safety, parking, crime prevention and inspection programs. Patrol Supervisors will provide the same services as Patrol Officers. In addition, as a team leader and supervisor, they are responsible for the direction, training, and evaluation of the members of their team. Patrol Supervisors also exercise authority in the absence of the Director and Assistant Director.


Perform all the duties of a Patrol Officer. In summary:

- As a uniformed member of the Security Services Team, ensure that the campus community has available a wide range of professional proactive and reactive security services which include: crime prevention and strategies, conflict resolution, problem solving, investigational assistance, emergency medical response, crisis intervention and enforcement of University regulations and provincial and federal statutes.

In addition to the duties of a Patrol Officer:

- As Supervisor, work to establish and cultivate a positive presence within the University community and liaise with individuals, committees, groups and other off-campus associated agencies on crime prevention and security related issues.

- Leads a team which may include regular and casual Patrol Officers, Student Security Patrol and Station Duty Office staff during that shift.

- Functions as Team Supervisor, providing direction, instruction and advice to the team on procedures, policies and regulations; ensures staffing levels are maintained by scheduling of vacation and other leave requests; provides support and direction for new staff during probationary field training. Monitors performance of each team member, recommend training and development as required and under the direction of the Director of Security Services completes a yearly evaluation of each officer's activities.

- As Team Supervisor, provides special attention to probationary employees. Closely monitors performance, gives advice and guidance, and administers tests to determine progress of probationary employees.

- Provides leadership for the team in developing and maintaining co-operative working relationships, exercising impartiality with all clients including faculty, students, staff and the general public.

- Liaises with the other Team Leaders to ensure that appropriate programs are implemented within the Security Services area of responsibility and provides feedback as required on crime/safety trends.

- Participates in Department Shift Change procedures including: completion of all relevant records and reports; following up on complaints; assignment of officers for ongoing investigations and ensuring that all internal operating policies and procedures have been followed.

- Participate with other Team Leaders, the Director and the Assistant Director in the selection of new staff.

- May be required to conduct sensitive investigations or perform other duties of a confidential nature as assigned by the Director or Assistant Director of Security Services.

- Co-ordinates and supervises the security and traffic control functions for special campus events as required.

- Represents Director or the Assistant Director in their absence acting as on-site co-ordinator for all major incidents (i.e. hazards, emergencies, traffic, security problems, etc.), liaising with internal/external agencies as required.


The minimum qualifications necessary for acceptable (satisfactory) job performance are:

Level of Formal Education and Experience
- University Degree, College Diploma, or equivalent combination of training, education, and experience.
- A minimum of one year patrol and security experience in a University environment or equivalent.

Skills and Abilities

As a Patrol Supervisor/Team Leader:
- Strong commitment to a team building approach to all issues within UM Security Services and all campus stakeholders.
- Proven leadership skills and ability to deal with crisis situations.
- Ability to maintain composure in stressful situations while assessing status of an incident and implementing corrective measures.

In performing duties of a Patrol Officer:
- Ability to work harmoniously within a team environment.
- Ability to problem solve and think critically.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
- High level of tact and diplomacy in dealing with the culturally diverse University community under a wide variety of circumstances.
- Ability to independently demonstrate good judgement, initiative and professional discretion with matters pertaining to law and policy enforcement.
- Highly motivated, self-starter, willing to build professional skills through training and experience.
- Eligible to quality for Special Constable status in the Province of Manitoba.
- Have or be able to obtain a driver's license with Class 4 standing.
- Training in First Aid and CPR.

Physical Requirements
- Will be required to work rotating shifts.
- Physically capable of performing the duties, i.e. ability to bend, stoop, stretch, climb several flights of stairs and carry out patrols on foot or by bicycle.