Information For Attendance Profile

The Attendance Profile is an enhancement that appears in Employee Self Service(ESS) on the "My Pay" tab. When you select "My Pay", you will see several recent additions to the "Other Links" section.

When you click on the "Attendance Profile" link, you can view your attendance record.

The Attendance Profile displays a running total of the number of hours that are recorded for an employee for a calendar year. These hours will include the total number of regular hours that you have worked as well as other standard types of hours that are recorded such as the number of hours of vacation, statutory holiday, absence due to illness and so on. The Attendance Profile displays records that are current to the most recent pay period so there may be some differences between the number of hours you view on Employee Self Service (ESS) and your personal records if you have recently taken vacation or sick time. The calendar year records will not be identical to tax year records for hourly and bi-weekly paid employees as a pay period can span two calendar years.

The Attendance Profile displays hours in groups by category including, for example:

  • regular work
  • overtime or standby hours for which the employee received pay
  • vacation
  • statutory holiday
  • illness
  • leave (includes professional development)

When you click on the Attendance Profile link, you will be taken to a screen that lists your name and the years for which your records are available. Simply click on your name in a row and your records for that calendar year will be displayed. A legend is included in the bottom left corner of the screen that explains the colour coding for the different categories of attendance such as green for regular work hours, red for illness and blue for a statutory holiday.

You can click on the year to view a summary of your recorded hours for that year.  You can also select a month to view the hours recorded for that month or select a day to view the hours recorded for that day. An asterisk will appear on a day if multiple types of hours were recorded for that particular day, for example a half day of regular work and a half day of illness.

The Attendance Profile provides a calculation of your absenteeism rate for illness calculated as follows: (number of hours of absence due to illness) divided by (total number of working hours for the current calendar).


  • The number of hours of absence due to illness includes any hours recorded for Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) or Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) claims.
  • The total number of working hours excludes overtime hours. Overtime hours can be viewed but are not included in the calculation.

A calculation of the frequency of absence due to illness is also provided based on the number of the occurrences of absence due to illness. An occurrence is any day or consecutive days of absence for the same illness. For example, four consecutive sick days for the same illness would be considered a single occurrence in the calculation.

If you have any questions about your records, please contact your supervisor or department administrator.