What are the differences between UNIFOR'S Voluntary Reduced Workdays (VRW) and the new Vacation Purchase Plan (VPP)



Only UNIFOR members, outlined in Collective Agreement All eligible faculty and staff 
Maximum of 5 individual days Minimum of 5 VPP days, then individual days up to a maximum of 10 days
Cannot be taken in conjunction with vacation days Can be requested in conjunction with vacation days
Depending on number of days taken, VRW may impact on seniority / service and vacation accrual No impact on seniority / service and vacation accrual
Application deadline to supervisors: March 2, 2018 Application deadline to supervisors: February 16, 2018

Can I apply for all programs - VRW, VPP and Voluntary Days Off Program (VDOP)?
No, UNIFOR employees must choose between VRW and VPP as they can only access one program.  However, all employees can request VDOP days, regardless of whether they have already requested VRW or VPP days.  Any combination of VRW, VDOP and VPP cannot exceed 10 days in the fiscal year.
What’s the benefit of using VPP over VRW?
While the cost of the days off are spread throughout the year for both programs, VPP has no impact on seniority / service and vacation accrual. If you are a UNIFOR member who wants less than 5 days off, you need to apply through the VRW program. The Vacation Purchase Plan only allows a minimum of 5 days, then individual days up to a maximum of 10 days.

If I want to enroll in VPP, what is the process?
Program information can be found on the Vacation Purchase Plan webpage.
What is the approval process for all programs?
Each program operates on an annual basis. You must discuss days off with your supervisor. All applications are subject to supervisory approval and will not be approved if operational needs cannot be met.
Questions? Please contact your HR Consultant or the HR Help Desk at (204) 474-9400.