FAQs: Vacation Purchase Plan

How many days of VPP and VDOP am I eligible to take??
New for 2020-21:
AESES employees may take up to 10 days VPP and up to 10 days VDOP. The combination cannot be more than 20 days.
For all other eligible groups (i.e EMAPS, UNIFOR, Other Academic): max 15 days VPP and 1-10 VDOP, with a combination not to exceed 20 days.

What will my paycheque look like?
Your first paycheque after April 1 will show a % deduction based on the number of days in your plan. Every paycheque for the full year will show the same % deduction, regardless of when you take your VPP days.

How much are the deductions for the days of leave?  
The deduction on each pay period depends on the number of days you will be taking (for 2020 up to 15 days are available for purchase due to COVID-19). 

• 5 days:   1.923077, rounded to 1.92%
• 6 days:   2.307692 rounded to 2.30%
• 7 days:   2.692308 rounded to 2.69%
• 8 days:   3.076923 rounded to 3.07%
• 9 days:   3.461538 rounded to 3.46%
• 10 days: 3.846154 rounded to 3.84%
• 11 days: 4.230769 rounded to 4.23%
• 12 days: 4.615384 rounded to 4.61%
• 13 days: 5%
• 14 days: 5.384615 rounded to 5.38%
• 15 days: 5.769230 rounded to 5.76%

• The deduction is applied to base compensation. The deduction will be in equal installments from April 1 to March 31 the following year
• Deductions do not apply to overtime
• Pensionable earnings, benefits coverage, service and vacation accrual are not affected by deductions
• All Statutory, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance and Tax deductions are calculated on salary less the % deductions.

When are deductions made from my paycheque?
The deductions are made during each pay period, from April 1 to March 31.

How are my days scheduled under the Vacation Purchase Plan?
Scheduling is subject to supervisory approval and operational requirements, and days may be used over a period of time or all at once. All VPP days must be taken by March 31, of the plan year.

How are my Vacation Purchase Plan days tracked?
You are responsible for reporting all days. Please record on your individual timesheet: code 1041 for VPP days. These days are not part of your regular vacation bank and will not appear in Employee Self Service. Tracking VPP days is between you and your supervisor.

Can I take part days off?
Yes, as long as your supervisor approves this plan. You will report on your timesheet, using code 1041, the exact hours taken.

What happens to the money that is deducted?
The funds will remain with your department.

What if my base salary or position changes during the plan period?
You remain in the plan as long as you continue to be in an eligible position.  The % deduction continues to be applied to the base salary you receive in that pay period.  For e.g., your salary changes from $25 to $27/hour.  You will continue to be deducted the same % of the new rate of pay for the duration of the plan year.

What if I signed up for VPP but didn't know I would then be on leave, for example, maternity leave?
Your VPP will be reconciled. The university may owe you money, or you may owe the university money. This is based on how much money you paid and number of days taken.

What if I change my mind?
Once approved, the decision to participate in VPP is final.

What if I want a leave less than five days but have it deducted over the 12 months? 
VPP will only grant a salary deduction over 12-months for a leave that is 5 days or greater. If you wish to take fewer than five days, the VDOP option may be there for you.

How are VPP applications approved?
Applications are subject to supervisory approval and will not be approved if you are ineligible or if operational needs cannot be met.

What happens if I am a new employee who starts after the program date of April 1? 
You will be eligible for VPP the following April.  But you may request VDOP days until then.

What if I end my employment with the University during the Vacation Purchase Plan timeframe?
There will be a reconciliation of salary deducted to time taken.

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