Service Centre & Business Systems

HR Service Centre, which includes the Help Desk, is responsible for analyzing, processing and advising on HR processes, forms, employment categories and anomalous appointments. We also provide client training on VIP and REACH-UM. The HR Help Desk provides frontline service to a wide client base of administrators, employees and applicants.

HR Business Systems is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining new and enhanced system features for VIP (including ESS), REACH-UM and other HR applications which support the operational needs of the university. We also handle system access, report development and analyzing and processing requests for information. 

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Patty Sanders

Patty Sanders, Director

Patty Sanders is the Director of HR Systems and oversees the HR administrative systems at the University of Manitoba, including the human resource information system (VIP), online recruiting (REACH-UM) and the electronic system for U of M employment files.  She also has overall responsibility for the HR Service Centre, whose members process all employment information through VIP and provide frontline service through the HR Help Desk.  Patty has over 30 years of HR experience in a variety of roles here at the U of M.

 Email: | Phone: (204) 474-9953

Trina KajtarTrina Kajtar, HR Business Analyst

Contact for: interpretation of HR business practices; interpretation/guidance on HR policies, employment categories and anomalous appointments.

Email: | Phone: (204) 474-7930




HR Business Systems

Joel Comte

Joel Comte, Manager, HR Business Systems

Email: | Phone: (204) 474-8462






Geoffrey Hui

Geoffrey Hui, HR Systems Analyst

Email: | Phone: (204) 474-6850





Beniamino Di Geronimo

Beniamino Di Geronimo, HR Systems Associate

Contact for: HR Systems Access Provisioning (i.e. access to VIP and UM Careers).

Email: | Phone: (204) 474-7160




HR Service Centre

Allison Stephen

Allison Stephen, Manager, HR Service Centre

Contact for: information on anomalous appointments; VIP/UM Careers training; HR Service Centre operational inquiries; HR Service Centre and HR Help Desk feedback and concerns; nil appointments (including nil visiting scholars and senior scholars); non-employment payments.

Email: | Phone: (204) 474-8187



HR Service Centre Associates:

Haylee Gobeil

Contact for: inquiries regarding client areas of Carrie Homeniuk, Maureen Forrest and Robert Panontin.

Email: | Phone: (204) 474-9123


angel gomesAngel Gomez

Contact for: inquiries regarding short-term/part-time instructors and other academics.

Email: | Phone: (204) 474-7249





marvel showers

Marvel Showers 

Contact for: inquiries regarding academic appointments (UMFA, research/professional associates, visiting academics) - surnames M-Z only; GFTs and post-doctoral fellows - surnames A-L only.

Email: | Phone: (204) 474-6343





norma caners Norma Caners

Contact for: inquiries regarding maternity/paternity leaves; client areas of Lani Jones, Jocelyn Leslie and Maureen Thomas.

Email: | Phone: (204) 474-7080





renata lelliott

Renata Lelliott

Contact for: inquiries regarding academic appointments (UMFA, research/professional associates, visiting academics) - surnames A-L only; GFTs and post-doctoral fellows - surnames M-Z only.

Email: | Phone: (204) 474-7931





Stephanie Kuby

Stephanie Kuby (on leave until October 2018)






Deek Sharma

Contact for: Processing Scholarship, Fellowship and Bursary Forms.

Email: | Phone (204) 474-7268



Contact for:  Inquiries regarding student forms and non-employment payments.

Email: | Phone (204) 272-1675


Kim Blanco

Contact for:  Inquiries regarding NIL appointment forms.

Email: | Phone (204) 474-6662


Email with general HR inquiries.