Team Award Recipients

2017 Award Recipients

Faculty of Social Work Team - Distance Delivery
St. John's College GO Team
UM Security Service Patrol Guards Team

2016 Award Recipients

Biological Sciences Team
Career Services Team
EITC Caretaking Team
Emergency Response Team
Front & Centre Launch Team

Bios of 2016 recipients

2015 Award Recipients

Manitoba Institute for Materials (MIM)
Faculty of Education Graduate and Professional Programs Support Staff (Dream Team)
International Centre for Students (ICS)

Bios of 2015 recipients

2014 Award Recipients

Engineering CEAB Accreditation Support Staff Team
Promoting Aboriginal Community Together (PACT) Team
Student Email Project Team
Student Life Team

Bios of 2014 recipients

2013 Award Recipients

2012-2013 Wireless “N” Project (IST, Physical Plant, OCI, LDS)
Exchange Implementation Project Team (IST, OCI, LDS)
Physics and Astronomy Graduate and Undergraduate Support Team

Bios of 2013 recipients

2012 Award Recipients

Architectural Services Team for the Active Living Center & Recreational Infrastructure Canada Project (Physical Plant)
Graduate Orthodontic Clinic & Graduate Orthodontic Department Support Staff Team (Dentistry)
Technical Services Serials Team (U of M Libraries )

Bios of 2012 recipients

2011 Award Recipients

OPAL Project Team (Medicine)
Student Advocacy Office Staff Team

Bios of 2011 recipients

2010 Award Recipients

The Aboriginal Student Centre Staff
Psychology Support Staff Team

Bios of 2010 recipients

2009 Award Recipients

Faculty of Science Office Staff Team
Safety Program Implementation Team (Physical Plant)

Bios of 2009 recipients

2008 Award Recipients

Aurora Student Implementation Team 
Bison Recreation Services (Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management)

Bios of 2008 recipients

2007 Award Recipients

Aurora Finance Implementation Team (Financial Services)

Bios of 2007 recipients

2006 Award Recipients

Canola/Rapeseed Cultivar Development Team (Plant Science)
Flood Protection Team (Physical Plant)

Bios of 2006 recipients