President's Award Recipients

2017 Recipient

Rob Parker
Faculty of Arts

2016 Recipients

Joan McConnell
Faculty of Science

Pamela Trupish
Office of the Provost & Vice-President (Academic)

Bios of 2016 recipients

2015 Recipients

Iris Reece Tougas
Posthumously Awarded

Catharine Dunlop
Department of Political Science

Bios of 2015 recipients

2014 Recipient

John Danakas
Marketing Communications Office

Bios of 2014 recipients

2013 Recipient

Lynn Smith
Student Services

Bios of 2013 recipients

2012 Recipient

Kali Storm
Aboriginal Student Centre

Bios of 2012 recipients

2011 Award Recipient

Janet Sealey
Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts

Bios of 2011 recipients

2010 Recipient

Maggie Duncan
Equity Services

Bios of 2010 recipients

2009 Recipient

Joanne Dyer
Office of the Vice President (Adminstration)

Bios of 2009 recipients

2008 Recipient

Dallas J. Legare
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Bios of 2008 recipients

2007 Recipient

Brian Rivers
Physical Plant

Bios of 2007 recipients

2006 Recipients

Linda Chartier
Faculty of Dentistry
Natalie Denesovych
Special Functions

Bios of the 2006 recipients