Accessibility & Inclusion Award of Excellence for Support Staff

This award recognizes the outstanding contributions of support staff working towards advancing accessibility and inclusion at the University of Manitoba. The experience of going to a university can impact and change people’s lives, so we have a responsibility to ensure that all that we do are as broadly accessible and inclusive as possible. We want all university staff and students to feel welcomed and included within the greater university community. With this award we want to recognize individuals who promote a positive work environment, characterized by diversity, inclusion, accessibility, respect, support, trust, and collegiality.


  • Works to remove barriers, where possible, that might impede the success of individuals from groups that are traditionally enderrepresented in the university community
  • Contributes to creating a more respectful work and learning environment for under-represented persons
  • Develops partnerships to enrich our work and learning environment so that we are more open and supportive across the institution
  •  Enriches university environment through support and advocacy of others to ensure success and dignity
  •  Always models and champions inclusive behaviours
  • Supports Indigenous achievement at the U of M
  • At least two years of services at the U of M

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