University of Manitoba - Human Resources - Learning and Organizational Development - Awards of Excellence For Support Staff 2013 Recipients
Awards of Excellence For Support Staff 2013 Recipients

President's Award Recipient

Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith
Student Services

To her staff, Lynn is “our mentor, our leader, our confidante, our cheerleader, our protector, our advocate, sometimes our conscience, and always a constant supporter of student-first initiatives.”  Lynn has a broad timely vision of student services and support, and works tirelessly for that vision. Lynn also teaches, writes, and chairs numerous committees. She is often contacted for her advice and assistance, and she and her teams have developed many innovative programs and services, including Student Advocacy Office, Student Threat Assessment, Student Discipline website, Student Services at Bannatyne, and the Learning Commons. Because of the scope of her contribution Lynn has received numerous awards including the UMSU & UTS Certificate of Appreciation for “Outstanding dedication on behalf of student’s”, The Canadian Association of College and University Student Services Award of Honour, and the University of Manitoba Outreach Award.

Leadership Award Recipients

Marcia Bryson

Marcia Bryson
Financial Services/ROSE

Marcia has been a force for change within the university community and Financial Services, including leading Revenue Capital & General Accounting, being heavily involved in implementation of Aurora Finance and Student, and serving as project manager for the ROSE finance initiatives, including six projects.  As one of her team members stated “I call her super woman”, she consistently engages and challenges the team. The infrastructure that Marcia and her teams are putting into place will help ensure the university’s continued success and growth.

Tracey Mohr

Tracy Mohr          
Office of Research Services

Tracy manages a large portfolio of complex projects, and leads a team of three administrative officers in supporting UM led research applications and awards, generating 80 million of research funds from various sources and 44 CRC nominations and renewals. Her team also has supported success in attaining graduate student funding. Tracy supports and develops her staff, and maintains an infectious, positive attitude and sense of humor. “Tracy Mohr is, in a word, a star.”

Greg Sobie

Greg Sobie                  
Faculty of Science Dean’s Office

As the founding and current President of the Advisor Exchange group, Greg supports and coordinates collaboration such as communications and best practices.  Greg is a participative, creative leader with a great grasp of social media - contributing to the development of a wiki, the Advisor Exchange website, an innovative new call schedule, and a blog.  Greg participates on many University committees including the Strategic Enrolment Management committee.

Service Award Recipients

Lorna Cameron

Lorna Cameron
U of M Libraries

Approachable, patient, and an iPad expert, Lorna is dedicated to innovating and improving the workplace with thoughtful initiatives like “Student Appreciation Day”, “Music Boot Camp” and hosting work placement students for two weeks every spring.  She is creative and has an astounding ability to initiate programs and procedures that support change and adaptation to new technologies; she is a true expert in knowledge transfer!

Thayalan Karthigesu

Thayalan Karthigesu
Faculty of Law

In the Law Faculty, Thay is in constant motion. He enthusiastically embraces his role and his approach puts his colleagues’ minds at ease regarding their technical concerns. Because of Thay, Law has leading edge classroom technology and a computer based examination system. It is reported that “we have the best IT support that anyone could offer” and  “Whatever the problem, Thay comes to the rescue”.

Andrea MacIntosh

Andrea MacIntosh
Faculty of Medicine

Andrea has an incredible work ethic and sets a tone of professionalism, respect, efficiency, and collegiality. Her mark of quality and organization is ubiquitous throughout her lab. She has single-handedly developed and refined every operating procedure. Her heart is 100% committed to child health, evident in her engagement with the children, colleagues and students, and inspiring her lab team to new levels of patient service and family support.

Janis McGonigle (posthumous)
Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management

The nomination contains pages of love and testimony for the late Janis McGonigle  - difficult to condense and honour.  She was respected, admired, and appreciated as an administrator, guide, and mother-like supporter of students.  She developed a new AHS promotional banner, was instrumental in planning the AHS Research Day – an event for the whole University, and volunteered for the United Way. The Research Institute is a friendly place in large part because of Janis’s impact on that environment: her legacy includes the tremendous impact on the lives of the students and colleagues she touched.

Reg Roy

Reg Roy
Physical Plant

How do you describe a man who works in -30C weather, fights off vicious squirrels, and carves the very fixtures that beautify our campus with his bare hands?  Two words: Reg Roy. Reg has always committed himself to ‘doing the job right’ and shared his craftsmanship in Arthur Mauro, the laboratories in Buller, and numerous offices and classrooms.  Always looking for a new and better way to do things, Reg’s work is a testament to his commitment to customer service. 

Jude Zieske

Judith (Jude) Zieske   
Faculty of Medicine

Jude’s hard work, commitment to continuous improvement, and positive attitude affect support in three key areas, research, training, and community development, while keeping 45 members of the research group organized. Whether fundraising for schools in Kenya, upgrading her own skills, or going above and beyond the call of duty in the office, Jude’s approach can be summed up with the phrase “how can I help?”

Team Award Recipients

Wireless Team

2012-2013 Wireless “N” Project

Team Members: Jeysan Anoling, Tom Gronski, Marvin Kocay, Brian Mitchell, Jeff Reitberger, Harold Robson, Doug Stoyko, Kelly Thomas, James Tharayil, Darwin Thompson
Best described as a “triple win”, in under a year this team brought wireless connections to 12 U of M buildings on scope, on time, and within budget!  This team stepped up to the challenge collectively and worked through various challenges as one cohesive unit; it was this approach and mindset that allowed the team to achieve an unprecedented outcome and serve as a model for other project teams.  Meeting the demands of the highly technology-connected student population has put the University at the forefront of wireless technology.


Exchange Implementation Project Team

Team Members: Chris Bohonis, Ed Co, Robert Dvorski, Jason Frovich, Trevor Gebel, Brian Greenberg, Lisa McCaffrey, Chris McCann, Brian Mitchell, Andrew Perchaluk, Dan Shinnan, Richard Sipinski,Ed Spencer, Lonnie Smetana, Kevin Stewart, David Treble, Jon Vitt
Changing a University email and calendar system is a tremendous undertaking. This team built the high degree of trust and respect needed to deliver a high quality, reliable, enterprise-level solution.  This team was solution-focused and constantly had the benefit to the end-user in mind when defining work and making decisions.  As a group, they acknowledged each other’s skills, perspective, and expertise and worked hard at communicating the right message to the right people at the right time.  They migrated 4300 individual email accounts and almost 600 functional accounts. Such a high profile and complicated project could not be delivered without the shared contributions of each team member!

Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy Graduate and Undergraduate Support Team

Team Members: Susan Beshta, Wanda Klassen, Gilles Roy
The team’s work ethic, supportive behaviour, and positive morale radiates from the department’s main office, setting a respectful and collegial tone for members at all levels while producing “100% error-free work”!.  All three team members are driven by a desire to help the Department succeed and take pride in its achievements:  “Remarkable is the degree of synergy that these individuals attain when they work together to make a pleasant, safe, and productive environment for students and staff to work in”.