University of Manitoba - Human Resources - Learning and Organizational Development - Awards of Excellence For Support Staff 2011 Recipients
Awards of Excellence For Support Staff 2011 Recipients

President's Award Recipient



Janet Sealey
Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts

 Janet has achieved distinction during her career at the University by directly contributing to the university's mission and goals in many ways. At the Faculty of Arts, she is a linchpin in the smooth and productive functioning of the Arts front office and the Dean's Office. She is described as "a superb manager, highly professional and devoted to her work but also selfless in giving her time to others".  The three associate deans in the Faculty of Arts described Janet's influence in the development of the new B.A. Integrated Studies. They said  "it would not have been realized or surpassed our estimates for its popularity in the first year of operation without Janet's clear vision and unrelenting work on this program".  Janet's impact is also felt across the University with the many initiatives and roles she has taken on, e.g. an assessor on the Board of Governors, an Arts Senator, and President of AESES for 7 years. Her outstanding work has been recognized with a University Outreach Award.

Leadership Award Recipients



Lois Ward  
International Centre for Students

Lois has positively influenced thousands of lives with the numerous and diverse programs she has developed for international students. These programs welcome students to Canada and provide them with a road map for success - at the university and in life. Her programs enrich the student experience and others who are involved in them. “Lois’s work ethic, caring, humility, and excitement make her a true leader”. “She has a one-of-a-kind sense of purpose that puts students first – even during the most hectic and stressful periods…she is truly a wonderful role model for us all.” Lois’s innovation has been recognized with the CBIE – Canadian Bureau for International Education - award.


 Janice Sisson
Information Services & Technology

Janice’s service focus and drive are making customer service paramount at IST. She actively works to form partnerships with various groups, and her thoughtful approach has her always looking for opportunities to strengthen the technical community’s common sense of mission, centred around client support. Despite all that she has taken on, she still gives unselfishly to her team “Her door is always open…she always makes time for everyone regardless of how busy her schedule is.” It is through the hard work of leaders like Janice that the university’s technical infrastructure will continue to grow and evolve to meet our needs in ways that are innovative and impactful.


Carol Anne

Carol Anne Northcott
Undergraduate Medical Education

Carol has successfully led and supported the Undergraduate Medical Education staff during a time of significant curriculum development, team rebuilding, and change, all the while earning respect from students, colleagues, and faculty. “As a result of Carol’s leadership, not only have goals been met, but there is renewed pride, collegiality, and mutual support within the undergraduate support staff.”  Carol Anne’s “can do” attitude allows her and her team to succeed at challenging tasks with grace and humour, in ways that have been “truly transformative for the Faculty of Medicine.” 

Service Award Recipients


Elizabeth Boyle
Student Counselling & Career Services

Elizabeth provides outstanding service to the many students, staff, faculty, and alumni that seek her assistance; her contributions are enduring and frequently life altering. She shows initiative and innovation, keeping her on the leading edge of her field. “Her warm and friendly personality, great sense of humor, and ability to create community has had a profound effect on those that she serves and works with.” Elizabeth’s efforts have gone a long way to providing an exceptional student experience that is so critical to us all.


 Bev Getty
Aboriginal Student Centre

Bev is a powerhouse of energy whom students often describe as an approachable and positive motherly figure. “Bev is the glue that holds the Aboriginal Student Centre (ASC) together…and she always makes ASC a positive place to be around.” “Her energy exemplifies the core Aboriginal values of wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth.” Bev’s extremely caring, hard-working, and positive nature makes it clear that her work is not a job but a calling, a mission to the benefit of all she serves.



 Jason Jorgenson
Clayton H.  Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth & Resources

As an academic advisor, Jason shows empathy and engaging communication skills. He is well organized and acts upon requests swiftly and effectively with a positive, infectious attitude. He has also taken on the design work for numerous, highly visible projects for the faculty. These various roles often have Jason working under demanding deadlines, which he approaches with a mixture of calmness and enthusiasm. Because of how he handles his many roles, Jason has established himself as a leader in the Dean’s Office as it serves its students in new and innovative ways.


Dennis Kohut
Architectural Services, Physical Plant

Dennis is creative and diligent in ensuring the many communication systems of building plans, signage, and wayfinding are clearly articulated. He is part of the bedrock that supports the tremendous change occurring in the University’s infrastructure. The demands for his services are extraordinary, yet Dennis always makes time to form positive partnerships with his clients. As a result of Dennis’s hard work the campus exterior environment is safe, accessible, functional, and beautiful.



Mary Kuzmeniuk
Department of Psychology

Mary has a busy and complex role in one of the largest departments at the University, with many diverse working partnerships. She is always well organized, friendly, warm, and thoughtful. Her encyclopedic knowledge and creativity have been essential in dealing with past challenges, like the Duff Roblin fire, and will continue to be an essential foundation as the department moves in to the future. “Her outstanding service and professionalism have affected the working lives of every member of the Psychology Department. “



Susie Petrychko
Extended Education

Susie’s dedication to the staff in Extended Education is matched by her dedication to the more than 10,000 non-degree Extended Education students. She exemplifies the highest attributes of professionalism, is always pleasant and patient, and gets problems resolved. “It is difficult to fully appreciate the high level of personal, one-on-one service provided by Susie…she works tirelessly… and is often referred to by her coworkers as the Energizer Bunny.” Through her selfless action, Susie has established herself as an essential foundation to the Extended Education’s Student Services Area, thereby allowing it to offer outstanding service.

Team Award Recipients



OPAL Project Team

OPAL is a curriculum management system that was developed to support academic scheduling & faculty/student communications, and to act as a repository for electronic learning resources. Since OPAL was launched in August 2009, over 1600 students, faculty, and staff have been trained to work, teach, learn, and communicate using it. Students have consistently given it a high approval rating, saying they would not want to return to paper-based curriculum.  The OPAL project has also recently been given the Project Management Institute (Manitoba) “Project of the Year” award.

 Student Advocates

 Student Advocacy Office Staff Team 

The Student Advocacy team is a key resource for students, professors, administrators, and administrative support staff - to assist with any student issue. They are consistently informed, professional, fair, and respectful. They work one-on-one with students, sometimes when those students are particularly vulnerable. They also offer workshops, on-line resources, and programs such as the Peers program. This office is a unique service amongst post secondary institutions in Canada. The team continues to set new standards in service in innovative ways and are models for collaboration and integrity.