Mission Statement
We promote diversity and inclusion, in both the accessibility of our programs and employment opportunities and in the conduct of the University’s affairs. One of the priorities within our Strategic Planning Framework is a commitment to enhance a respectful, equitable and inclusive work environment, leading to success and empowering staff to thrive and do their best work.

Our role in Learning and Organizational Development is to advance diversity and inclusion efforts and to offer assistance in reaching the goals of a fully inclusive campus community. The University’s commitment goes beyond just meeting the requirement of law to creating a climate where all people feel valued, respected, and included across all of our differences.

Diversity and Inclusion Office provides the following guidance, services and supports:
• Consultations to faculties, department and units.
• Advice on how to connect with the widest possible range network of external partners.
• Informational workshops for all levels of staff to help integrate diversity and inclusion into the University’s culture.
• Tools to assess and monitor the progress towards an inclusive campus culture.