Senate Motions for September 3, 2014

The following motions were approved by the Senate at its meeting on September 3, 2014:

THAT Senate approve the nomination of Mr. Astitwa Thapa to serve as the voting member on the Senate Executive Committee.

THAT Senate approve:

  • the Reports of the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies on Course and Curriculum Changes concerning the Department of Civil Engineering [dated May 27, 2014] and the Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, the Department of Landscape Architecture, and the Asper School of Business [dated June 26, 2014];
  • revisions to the 2014-2015 Academic Schedule;
  • the Report of the Senate Committee on Medical Qualifications regarding Dr. Kerstin Gerhold; and
  • Human Nutritional Sciences Academic and Program Regulations, for September 2014 - June 2015.

THAT the minutes of the Senate meeting held on June 25, 2014 be approved as circulated.

THAT the following nominations to the Senate Committee on Nominations be approved:

  • Professor Gordon Fitzell (new appointment), representing Music, Fine Arts and Libraries, for a term ending on May 31, 2015; and
  • Ms. Tanjit Nagra, representing undergraduate students, for a one-year term ending May 31, 2015.

THAT Senate approve and recommend that the Board of Governors approve the Report of the Senate Committee on Awards - Part B [June 24, 2014].

THAT Senate approve the Report of the Senate Committee on Nominations [dated August 12, 2014].