Senate Motions for October 2, 2013

The following motions were approved by the Senate at its meeting on October 2, 2013:

THAT the list of candidates recommended for degrees notwithstanding a deficiency be approved.

THAT the list of graduands provided to the University Secretary by the Registrar be approved, subject to the right of Deans and Directors to initiate late changes with the Registrar up to October 4, 2013.

THAT the report on medals and prizes provided to the University Secretary be approved by Senate.

THAT Senate approve an Amendment to the Academic Schedule - 2013/2014.

THAT the minutes of the Senate meeting held on September 4, 2013 be approved as amended.

THAT debate of item X(2)(b) a proposal to establish a Faculty of Health Sciences be extended to ninety minutes.

THAT Senate approve in principle and recommend to the Board of Governors that it approve the establishment of a Faculty of Health Sciences [as outlined in the proposal dated April, 2013 and as revised in August, 2013].

THAT Senate approve the Report of the Implementation Working Group for the Cooper Commission Report concerning Developing Bona Fide Academic Requirements for Programs Subject to External Accreditation, effective upon approval.