Senate Motion for November 10, 2016

The following motion was approved by Senate at its special meeting on November 10, 2016:

THAT Senate approve the following recommendations:

THAT the effective date for the Limited Access provision be adjusted to the Winter Term 2018;

THAT the 2016 – 2017 Academic Schedule be revised, with Modified Fall and Winter Terms as set out in the document prepared by the Academic Sub-Committee of the Operational Continuity Committee, and with classes resuming –

  • November 15, assuming a two-week strike
  • November 16 – 21, assuming a three-week strike
  • November 22 – 28, assuming a four-week strike
  • November 29 – December 5, assuming a five-week strike;

THAT student requests for incomplete or continuing grade/course status be sympathetically considered, wherever appropriate, and that such requests not be unreasonably denied;

THAT students be permitted to request deferred examinations and that such requests not be unreasonably denied;

THAT academic unit heads and academic staff ensure that students who chose to not cross the picket lines are reasonably accommodated with respect to any missed material, assignments or tests and that all students, whether they chose to attend classes or to not cross the picket line, be treated fairly; and

THAT the Senate Executive Committee, in accordance with its normal powers “to deal with contingencies that arise between meetings of Senate” is empowered to make any further revisions to the Academic Schedule required to complete the Fall and Winter Terms, including any unit or program specific changes requested by Faculties, Colleges and Schools, and to report thereon to Senate.