Senate Motions for February 6, 2013

The following motions were approved by the Senate at its meeting on February 6, 2013:

THAT the list of graduands provided to the University Secretary by the Registrar be approved, subject to the right of Deans and Directors to initiate late changes with the Registrar up to February 8, 2013.

THAT Senate approve the Reports of the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies on Course and Curriculum Changes concerning (i) the Department of Preventive Dental Science, the Department of Biological Sciences, and the Faculty of Pharmacy [dated December 12, 2012] and (ii) the Department of Physiology [dated December 17, 2012].

THAT the minutes of the Senate meeting held on January 9, 2013 be approved as circulated.

THAT Senate approve and recommend to the Board of Governors the Report of the Senate Committee on Awards – Part B [dated December 12, 2012].

THAT Senate approve the Report of the Senate Committee on University Research on the Periodic Review of the Manitoba Institute for Materials regarding a recommendation that the Institute be renewed for a period of five years, effective upon approval by Senate.

THAT Senate approve the Report of the Senate Committee on Nominations [dated January 11, 2013].