Hubert Kleysen, LL.D., June 4, 2014
Hubert Kleysen

Inventor, entrepreneur, family man, philanthropist, leader. Hubert Kleysen has embodied all these roles and more throughout his life and successful career in the transportation industry. Mr. Kleysen built a small family-run business into one of the largest trucking companies in Manitoba. In 2006, he sold that company, Kleysen Transport, to the Mullen Income Fund and now serves as Chairman of Kleysen Inc.

As his company continued to grow, Mr. Kleysen always maintained a hands-on approach that often found him checking a truck, chatting with a mechanic or acting as a mentor to those who worked for him.

A firm believer in education, Mr. Kleysen was an early supporter of logistics courses at the University of Manitoba in the 1990s. These small beginnings eventually led to the founding of the Department of Supply Chain  Management at the I.H. Asper School of Business, the Logistics and Transport major in the Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) and the Master of Science programs in Transport and Logistics. In 2008, he established the Kleysen Transport Award for the top graduate in the Certificate in Logistics program, and he continues to support undergraduates in the Logistics and Transport program through a bursary program he recently established.

As a business leader and innovator, Mr. Kleysen has provided a livelihood for thousands of Canadians and has contributed to Canada’s productivity and competitiveness. From new ways of loading freight, to finding a new market for what was previously a waste by-product of the potash mines, Mr. Kleysen is a visionary who has helped grow the Canadian economy. As a philanthropist, Mr. Kleysen’s generosity has contributed to the fabric of our society, and for more than 50 years he has supported or served on the boards of numerous organizations.

Whether it’s organizing the Parade of Lights or chairing the Breakthrough Capital Campaign for the Health Sciences Centre Foundation, Mr. Kleysen has a proven track record as an involved and compassionate leader in his community.

His generosity and leadership has been recognized with numerous honours. In 2002, Mr. Kleysen was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and in 2012 he received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his contributions to his community. In 2008, he was the St. Ignatian Challenge Award  recipient at St. Paul’s High School, where he chaired a major fundraising campaign.

Few people have made such a positive impact on their industry and their community as Hubert Kleysen. He is still actively involved in his community, generously sharing his time and expertise for anyone who needs it. The University of Manitoba is proud to honour him with an Honorary Doctor of Laws.

Hubert Kleysen

Hubert Kleysen