Bryce Douglas, LL.D., June 2, 2016
Bryce Douglas

Mr. Bryce Douglas was born and raised in Winnipeg. After graduating from high school in 1960, he worked as a junior clerk at the Bank of Montreal and as a miner in Thompson, Manitoba.

He found employment with Dominion Securities in 1963 and during his 42-year tenure with the organization, which is now RBC Capital Markets, Mr. Douglas helped to shape not only the largest but also the premier investment banking institution in Canada, and one of the oldest and most respected investment firms in all of North America. He retired from RBC Dominion Securities in 2006, holding the position of deputy chairman.

By dedicating himself to one firm over his lifetime, he has shown tremendous loyalty and has become an undeniable leader in finance. Mr. Douglas has also become a leader in philanthropy.

As he moved from city to city, taking on more senior responsibilities at RBC, Mr. Douglas would think of ways he could strengthen each community he called home. Not only does he champion causes he believes in, he achieves impressive results. It was Mr. Douglas’ business acumen, passion and dedication that helped to grow the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation into one of the most successful fundraising organizations in the country.

He also chaired a campaign for the University Health Network in Toronto, raising more than $540 million for capital improvements and leading-edge programs to benefit all Canadians. He has funded a number of research programs there, most recently involving stem cell therapy for the treatment of arthritis.

When Mr. and Mrs. Douglas see a need, they step forward. The couple supports a breakfast program in Kenora for kids who come to school hungry. They also provide funding, primarily through the YMCA, for children who do not have the resources to have a real outdoor camping experience.

Also close to their hearts is a Toronto-based program which offers supplemental education and leadership programs to financially disadvantage children, many of whom come from new immigrant families. This program has grown from a handful of kids to 70 and counting.

During his career, Mr. Douglas remained committed to enhancing the financial industry through ethical practices and education. He inspired the Bryce W. Douglas Professorship in Finance at the University of Manitoba in 2005. More recently, he and his family endowed a Chair in Finance at the Asper School of Business.

The University of Manitoba is proud to award a Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, to Mr. Bryce Douglas, a visionary philanthropist who has strengthened our communities.

Bryce Douglas

Bryce Douglas