Gary Filmon, LL.D., May 31, 2011
The Honourable Gary Filmon
P.C., D.C., CM.; B.Sc.C.E., M.Sc.(Man.)

A dedicated public servant and volunteer, Gary Filmon led Manitoba as its Premier and contributed to the economic and social growth of the province.

A University of Manitoba graduate, Mr. Filmon is an engineer by profession, but he found his calling in public service. He served as a member of the Winnipeg City Council prior to his first being elected to the Manitoba Legislature in 1979. In 1981 he was Minister of Environment, and he also served as chair of the Manitoba Roundtable on Sustainable Development.

In 1983 he became leader of the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party - a position he held until his retirement from politics in 2000. During his tenure, he steered the province through a recession, the 1997 Red River flood, and the worst wildfires in Manitoba's history, which burned in 1989. The province's response included the evacuation of thousands of residents in northern Manitoba and the co-ordination of interdepartmental efforts, including working in close conjunction with the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre in Winnipeg. In 2003, he was commissioned by the government of British Columbia to undertake a survey of forest fires in that province.

Upon retiring from politics, Mr. Filmon was appointed to the federal Security Intelligence Review Committee, an independent body that oversees the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. He has also worked as a business consultant and was elected chairman of the board of trustees for the Exchange Industrial Income Fund and was vice chairman for Wellington West Capital Inc.

Among his other community activities, he has served as President of the University of Manitoba Alumni Association, and as President of the Association of Canadian Career Colleges. He is a member of the Senate of the University of Manitoba, Director of the Administrative Management Society and Director of the Red River Exhibition Board.

His awards and honours include a Community Service Award from the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, B'nai B'rith Canada Award of Merit, a Ukrainian Canadian Congress Tribute Dinner and together with his wife, Janice, he received the University of Manitoba's Distinguished Alumni Award in 2005. Mr. Filmon is also a Member of the Crder of Manitoba as well as an Cfficer of the Crder of Canada.

The Honourable Gary Filmon