Paul Soubry, LL.D., October 22, 2003
Paul Soubry, Sr.

Paul Soubry was born in Belgium where he received his early education before emigrating to Canada and Winnipeg in 1948. He began his long career in farm machinery manufacturing in 1951 in Ontario. Mr. Soubry returned to Winnipeg in 1971 to become president of Versatile Manufacturing Ltd., a company producing large farm equipment. Versatile was acquired by the Ford Motor Company in 1987 and two years later Mr. Soubry was appointed board chair and president of Ford New Holland Canada Ltd. After a series of mergers with subsidiaries of Fiat S.p.A., New Holland Canada Ltd. was established in 1991 with Mr. Soubry as vice-president and general manager. He retired in 1995 and is now president of Soubry Enterprises Ltd., a management consulting company.

Mr. Soubry has held numerous leadership positions in organizations related to Canadian manufacturing and exports, as well as government agencies related to trade. In Manitoba he has served on the Manitoba Economic Innovation and Technology Council, the Economic Development Authority-Whiteshell, the Manitoba Research Council, and the Industrial Technology Centre. In addition, Mr. Soubry's community service includes the Boy Scouts of Canada, and terms as director of Victoria Health Guard and on board of the Victoria General Hospital, where he also served as chair.

Mr. Soubry has had a long association with the University of Manitoba. In 1996 he was appointed to the first of two terms on Board of Governors. He was elected chair in 1997, and continued in this role until 2002. Upon joining the Board, Mr. Soubry took pains to learn about the many-faceted activities of this institution and was a tireless member of, and ambassador for, this university. During his tenure he was part of the strategic planning task force "Building on Strengths," served on various selection and review committees. Since retiring from the Board, Mr. Soubry continues to serve the University as part of the cabinet for the Building on Strengths Campaign. Prior to his appointment to the Board, he was a member of the associates program of the Faculty of Management (now the I.H. Asper School of Business) and was a member of the advisory board of the Centre for International Studies.