University of Manitoba - University Governance - Arthur Mauro, LL.D., October 22, 1987
Arthur Mauro, LL.D., October 22, 1987
Arthur V. Mauro
C.M., Q.C., K.S.G., B.A., LL.B., LL.M.

I have the honour to present Mr. Arthur V. Mauro, C.M., Q.C., K.S.G., B.A., LL.B., LL.M.

Arthur Mauro was born in Port Arthur, Ontario which has now faded into the mists of history to be replaced by Thunder Bay, Ontario. Mr. Mauro graduated from St. Patrick's High School in Fort William. Obviously, he had a very early interest in transportation, since the summer after Grade 13, he worked as a bellhop on the S.S. Noronic, the last of the great passenger vessels, and spent the subsequent year hitch-hiking across the United States.

He entered St. Paul's College in Winnipeg in 1946, received his B.A. in 1949, LL.B. in 1953 and LL.M. in 1956, all from The University of Manitoba. He was very active in student affairs at University, was elected President of The University of Manitoba Students' Union in 1950, as well as President of the National Federation of Canadian University Students, and chaired the World Conference of Students in Stockholm in 1950.

While with the former Attorney General, Roland Penner, he was a member of the University team which won the Canadian University Debating Championship in 1949. Mr. Mauro is fond of recalling that his most important debating triumph was convincing Nancie Tooley, who was a graduate of The University of Manitoba, to become his wife.

He was articled to the law firm of Andrews, Andrews, Thorvaldson & Co., joined the firm in 1953, became a partner in 1958 and practised law from 1953-1969, specializing in the field of transportation. During that period he represented carriers and shippers across Canada.

Mr. Mauro was Counsel for the Province of Manitoba before the Macpherson Commission on Rail Transportation, also the Hall Commission on Health Services and the Thompson Commission Enquiry relative to the Air Canada base. In 1967, he was appointed Chairman of the Royal Commission on Northern Transportation and that report, tabled in 1969, became a blueprint for many subsequent transport developments in the North. During that study he travelled extensively through the Northern hemisphere, including Siberia and Scandinavia.

In 1967, he became the first lecturer in Transportation and Communication Law at The University of Manitoba Faculty of Law. He also presented a number of published papers on transportation and government regulations.

In 1969, Arthur Mauro moved to Toronto as Executive Vice-President of Great Northern Capital and, among other activities, was instrumental in the financing of the first jet aircraft for Transair Ltd., a regional airline based in Winnipeg. In 1972, he returned to Winnipeg as President and Chief Executive Officer of that Airline. During the next four years, he was instrumental in expanding the jet fleet and introducing jet passenger services from Winnipeg to a number of points in the North, including Resolute Bay, Yellowknife and Whitehorse.

In 1977, he was appointed Executive Vice-President of Investors Group. He became President and Chief Operating Officer in 1981 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 1985.

Mr. Mauro's interest in transportation has continued and he presently serves as member of the Board of PWA Corporation (Canadian Airlines International) and White Pass and Yukon System. He recently stepped down as Chairman of the Federal/Provincial Transportation Industry Advisory Committee and is presently Chairman of the Advisory Committee at The University of Manitoba Institute of Transportation.

His interests have not been confined to business alone. He was Chairman of the Winnipeg Community Chest, now the United Way, and a member of the Board of a number of community agencies. At present, he is a member of the Board of St. Boniface General Hospital and the Winnipeg Symphony; Chairman of the Winnipeg Art Gallery Foundation and Chairman, St. Paul's College.

Mr. Mauro's service to the Church was recognized by his appointment as a Knight of St. Gregory by Pope Paul VI; service to the University by the Award of the Distinguished Service Award in 1982; service to the community, at large, by the National Humanitarian Award of the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews; and recently he has been named a member of the Order of Canada.

Mr. Chancellor, it is my privilege to ask, in the name of the Senate of The University of Manitoba, that you now confer on Arthur V. Mauro, the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.