Monty Hall, LL.D., October 22, 1987
Monty Hall

I have the honour to present Monty Hall, Bachelor of Science, University of Manitoba.

Monty Hall was born, raised and educated in Winnipeg's famed North End, completing his high school at St. John's. He graduated from The University of Manitoba in 1946, majoring in Chemistry and Zoology. He was a recognized leader, even then, who took part in all the college musicals and dramatic productions. He served as Master Of Ceremonies for a variety of student events as well as for many Canadian Army Shows during the war.

He was the Senior Stick of Science in 1944 and served as President of The University of Manitoba Students Union in 1945.

As UMSU president he directed a publicity campaign to demonstrate the need for a centralized campus, increased salaries for professors, more research money and course revisions. Some things never change! Under his leadership, the first University Open House was inaugurated in order to introduce the campus to the public.

In 1944, the Brown & Gold Yearbook described Monty Hall as a "tremendously popular student who works tirelessly for science and the University. as a whole". The career of Monty Hall, leader, theatrical personality and humanitarian began here in his undergraduate years.

Following graduation, Monty moved to Toronto to pursue an acting career and in 1955 to New York to radio. He became nationally known through his long-running radio show Who Am I You know him as the television host of Let s Make a Deal which ran from 1964 to 1986 During his successful and glamorous career he has hosted several shows appeared as a guest on numerous others, and has been a headline performer in Las Vegas. His contributions to show business have been honored repeatedly by his colleagues. This has included having his 'star' placed in Hollywood's  "Walk of Fame in 1973.

Honorary Degrees are awarded for distinctive contributions at a national or international level. We honour Monty Hall today, not for his celebrity status but for his charitable and philanthropic career on behalf of the disabled, the diseased and the underprivileged.

In Winnipeg he was instrumental in establishing the Winnipeg Branch of Variety Club, the world's largest childrens' charity. The number of Winnipeg causes and events for which Monty has "come home", or otherwise lent his support to, is almost without limit, ranging from direct involvement with the famous St. John's High School reunion, the Misericordia Foundation fund drive, the Chamber of Commerce Business Show, to a large number of other local causes dear to his heart.

He appears an average of 100 times annually in Canada, the United States and Europe for charitable organizations representing hospitals and children. He has served as International President of Variety Clubs, and on the Boards of a staggering number of Hospitals and Appeals. In total, he has raised close to 300 million dollars and is one of the world's leading celebrity fund raisers preceded only by Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope. He has, as a result, received an "almost breathtaking collection of awards and honours". In recognition of his work, there is a Monty Hall Room for Pediatric Oncology Therapy at Johns Hopkins Centre in Baltimore; hospital wings and wards named for him in Philadelphia and the UCLA Medical Centre. An unprecedented tribute came in 1983 when he received the prestigious Variety Club International Humanitarian Award, a tribute which has been carefully preserved for such outstanding world leaders as Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and, this past year, Princess Anne, for her work in South Africa.

Today, our University recognizes Monty Hall with its highest honour. Monty's university days were important to him and he has never forgotten them - they were the cornerstone of his professional life; a period of personal growth - and it is important for our University to honour him for what he has become; for all he has done for others, and for the special person he is.

Mr. Chancellor, it is my privilege to ask, in the name of the Senate of The University of Manitoba, that you now confer on Monty Hall the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

-citation delivered by Pamela LeBoldus, President of the Alumni Association, University of Manitoba